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Starting a business overseas


Starting your own business from scratch is hard work when you have to fulfil every function of a business yourself: Marketing, sales, bookings, admin and operation of the premises as well – all in a foreign country!

Doing this successfully is hard and enjoying it while you do it is harder still. By taking a BoardnLodge franchise or a concession in one of our resorts you greatly reduce the risk and stress of starting your new venture. That said, this is still your business with hard work and dedication required and profits or losses to be made. We offer you the chance to operate under a recognised name, within a support network operated by a company with a good reputation in the industry.

Depending on how much both you and we think it is required we can also provide training and advice in every area of running a freesports operation. You will also be covered by our insurance policies and have the opportunity to benefit from partnerships, specially negotiated rates and commissions available on a whole raft of aspects of the business.


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