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Your own Lodge - BoardnLodge is a holiday company providing accommodation for individuals and groups specialising in activity travel with the emphasis on “freesports”. Formed in 1999 as a wintersports holiday company based in the Chamonix valley in the French Alps, we understand the satisfaction and stress of setting up and running a high quality independent freesports operation.
While we continue to operate our own accommodations around the world we are also looking to extend the choice of trips available to our customers through franchise and partners programmes. Our business concept is to offer a range of top quality packages in the best locations around the world which our customers can enjoy. We have initially concentrated on snowboarding, surfing and mountain biking but are also now beginning to offer packages including the many other sports and activities associated with these locations.

What we are offering
‘Freesports’ in general are as much to do with a lifestyle choice as they are to do with the sports themselves. Whether you just want a break from your usual employment for a while or whether you are looking to embark on a career in the industry it is a big step and there are risks and rewards at stake.
One of the most enjoyable aspects of running your own lodge/camp/chalet etc is the chance to add your own personality and style to the business and we certainly want that to be the case with your franchise. You can name the accommodation/operation as you please which is helpful if you are looking to take on the business independently of us at some time in the future. You can (within reason) describe what your operation is all about in anyway you like. Again, within reason, you can run things pretty much as you choose as long as levels of customer care are up to the high standards with which we are associated. Doing things your way, making new friends and having new experiences is what we think it’s all about. 

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